Darling Diva Swatches – Unicorn Bath and Anna

Well for the moment these are the last Darling Diva polishes I have to swatch for you. I hope you think they’re worth it… I certainly do !

I must admit, I would still be a fan, even if the polishes were twice the price, so let’s hope that Darling Diva don’t catch on to that, right?

The Etsy shop is on vacation for another couple of days, but there are other outlets listed, and you can ask Etsy to send you an email when it re-opens, if you’d like to check it out !

Today, I have Unicorn Bath and Anna for you – both blue polishes. I am a real sucker for a nice blue, and glitter, so these are both total winners for me…

Unicorn Bath is a pale blue crelly filled with large white, blue and silver hex glitter and a smattering of silvery shimmer!

I don’t usually swatch crellies on their own, because visible smile lines make me grouchy, but I went for it anyway with this one. Happily, it really is crelly rather than jelly, in 4 thin coats I got this result :

Darling Diva - Unicorn Bath

The glitter, even though it’s quite chunky, was really easy to dose. I did the first 2 coats trying to avoid adding too much glitter, and just layered it into the second two. Perfect! The shimmer is incredibly flattering, too and I love the perfect colour combo 🙂

The glitter is very fine but doesn’t curl at all, and I did one top coat to smooth it over, but it didn’t have a gritty feel. My nails aren’t curved especially sharply, though.

As for Anna, I put just one single coat over Butler Please ! this is a proper glitter bomb !

Darling Diva - Anna

Again, as I expect from Darling Diva, no fussing with the glitter, it came straight out of the bottle and jumped onto my nail, spreading itself out nice and evenly with minimum effort. I love the touch of teal in this colour combo !

I didn’t topcoat this, and you can see it has a slightly rough finish, but no more than you would expect from any glitter.


Amazing, right??

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4 thoughts on “Darling Diva Swatches – Unicorn Bath and Anna

  1. Anca says:

    I love the second one

  2. Xin Yu says:

    Love Unicorn Bath!

  3. […] choose  – which blue to go for, so I went for a Skittles mani, and topped it all off with Darling Diva – Unicorn Bath. Simple, but I love […]

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