Different Dimension – “Set it Free” Collection – Stronger, Wide Awake & Black Dahlia (the lazy girl’s Supernova Mani)

Hello ladies (and guy, possibly even guys at this stage !)

This evening I have some beautiful Different Dimension swatches for you ! I’ll very soon have run out of indie polishes, so do make the most of them 😉

One of my top nail heros, Sabrina at Polish Alcoholic, went through a phase of holo swatches recently, and then I saw this collection on sale as a lot at Different Dimension‘s Etsy shop, and, well, the rest is history !

The Set it Free collection has 2 matching fine holos in baby blue and baby pink, and a deep grey holo with some fine holo glitter, which happens to make for the perfect lazy girl’s supernova mani !

The baby blue and pink are, respectively, Stronger and Wide Awake – and they have such a delicate sparkle !

These 3 swatches are two coats of each. As with previous swatches from this brand, application was a doddle! Plus, these were pretty fast to dry, too, which is always handy 🙂

Different Dimension - Stronger and Wide Awake

As stunning as the holo is in soft light, it is gorgeous in direct light too, here it is under an LED torch :

Different Dimension - Stronger and Wide Awake - with LED torch

Perfect spring polish, right?

And as soon as I tried Black Dahlia, the first thing I noticed was how it makes the most perfect supernova mani, with no messing around with sponges or anything !

Different Dimension - Black Dahlia

And here it is with some Konad stamping over the top. No, this isn’t the first time I try stamping, I’m just not very good at it, and those full-cover patterns are not even full cover on my shortest nails !

Different Dimension - Black Dahlia with stamping nail art

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5 thoughts on “Different Dimension – “Set it Free” Collection – Stronger, Wide Awake & Black Dahlia (the lazy girl’s Supernova Mani)

  1. Luchessa says:

    I love how the last picture turned out. 🙂

  2. Xin Yu says:

    oohh love these colours!

  3. […] base colour is Wide Awake, a rather tasty holo from Different Dimensioin. The top colour is Harmony by China Glaze. Both […]

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