Darling Diva Swatches – Magnifique and Blonde Tornado

I must say that so far, no indie polish brand that I have tried has disappointed ! Darling Diva was one of the first that I decided to try, and I’m ashamed to admit, I have ordered a second time! I ordered 3 polishes, and Carrie was so kind, she added an exclusive for me to share with you !

I have two for you now, and I’ll let you hang on for the other two another time (though you probably won’t be waiting long!)


Magnifique is the exclusive polish, it is not available on Darling Diva’s Etsy Store – Magnifique is exclusive to LeDouxNuage, an online polish retailer based in France. Although Magnifique was kindly provided free for me by Darling Diva, I am in no way affiliated to LeDouxNuage. However, I have personally made many orders there and can attest that Laeticia always dispatches very fast. She dispatches from just a few kilometres from me, and I always receive my order just 48 hours (or even 24!) after passing it ! Plus, good news ladies, she delivers internationally!

Magnifique is a beautiful, creamy, off-white gelly with different sized pastel hex glitter – pink, mustard, aqua and purple are the colours that I can see. As I have come to expect from Darling Diva, the formula is a dream and the glitter is really high-quality, you don’t need to worry about curling or anything !

I’ll be the first to admit that this shade doesn’t do much for my skin tone in the winter, but let me assure you, this summer, this is going to be one of my go-to polishes! This is two coats over a very yucky white cream (the mess on my cuticles have everything to do with this white cream and nothing to do with Darling Diva). Otherwise, if you Google this shade, you can see plenty of photos of it on its own…

Darling Diva - Magnifique

The only bad news is that, for now, Magnifique  is out of stock. However, if I know LeDouxNuage, that won’t be for long, and if you are totally lemming this polish, you can sign up for an email alert 🙂

Magnifique was provided for my impartial review with no strings attached and I am in no way affiliated to Le Doux Nuage and gain no commission from any sales – I only deal in honest swatches, and shall continue that way !


Blonde Tornado is a linear holo/duochrome bomb ! I am so ridiculously in love with this polish ! It is limited edition, and the shop is closed until the 25th March, so if you are lemming this – you need to check it out asap ! I only bought one bottle and I don’t want to share…

Inside, or in the shade, Blonde Tornado is a dusty pink with a lot of silvery shimmer. Is it weird that I keep misreading this as “Blonde Tomato”?

Darling Diva - Blonde Tornado (under flourescent)



But get this baby under a bright bulb (or in direct sunlight) and it goes off !

Darling Diva - Blonde Tornado (under neon)


It looks  pretty damn fine under halogen too :

Darling Diva - Blonde Tornado (under Halogen)

I just love the versatility !

This is with a top coat, without, it has a stunning semi-matte finish that is just as lovely 🙂

I just cannot imagine an occasion, season or outfit that this polish can’t go with. I put it on late last night and only realise how beautifully it pops when I got to work, and noticed it sparkling under the bright lights in the bathroom cubicle; I couldn’t help gazing at it lovingly at every break… Hope no-one noticed…


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6 thoughts on “Darling Diva Swatches – Magnifique and Blonde Tornado

  1. Craftynail says:

    Brijit- u r like the indie queen! I love it 🙂

  2. Erin Ortiz says:

    Blonde Tornado is such a pretty color. It seems really versatile and something that can be worn year round.

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