Swatches – Northern Star – Sunburst & Enigmatic Doctor S

Well, in an hour my giveaway will be over, and this time tomorrow, I will be announcing the winner !

In the meantime, I have a couple of glitter-bombs to show you from Northern Star Polish 🙂

First up, Sunburst. This is a beautiful mix of golden and holo glitter. Perfect for blues and greens in my opinion, but obviously this baby can go over anything you like. The nail-blogosphere went crazy when 24-carat real gold top coats came out, but this is better. Know why? Well, it’s four letters and begins with h ! Ohhh yeah, look at that holo goodness…

Northern Star - Sunburst

This is just one coat of each, both over some polish by French brand UNE. UNE is known for natural cosmetics, but the ingredients of this polish are your typical three-free fare. Now that’s fine, but it’s being marketed as ‘natural’… To me, if it’s not based on actual plant extracts, it aint natural… But yeah, of course I bought it anyway !

Rant  over about UNE. Back to Northern Star !

The formula are pretty good and I got a cute little bottle of cuticle oil included in my order. That is just perfect for me, it’s all aloe-cucumbery and really really soothing and hydrating after a big swatching session.

This one is Engimatic Doctor S. I just love the colour combo of red, blue, purple and gold. It’s all peacock-like. Not that I like peacocks, but they are pretty.

Northern Star - Enigmatic Doctor S


The formula on both of these is awesome, really smooth, despite the glitter. The glitter doesn’t stick to the insides of the bottle, and even someone as bad at glitter as I am can’t possibly get an uneven spread. Plus, no sign of settling, but just in case, not two but 3 mixing balls are in there! I spent ages this weekend just twirling the bottle around to watch the balls mix!

But best of all, Northern Star Polish has a 30% off code this month! It’s right there in the Etsy banner! I mean, honestly, so yeah, I’m supposed to be on a no-buy, but come on! This is as good as free right?


*disclaimer : I can only apologise for my rambling tone. I work in tourism, and there are a lot of American tourists coming over right now. That’s great, but I’m working my rear end off and getting a bit delirious as a result. Normal service will be resumed in the Autumn. In the meantime, feel free to skip big chunks of my posts!

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6 thoughts on “Swatches – Northern Star – Sunburst & Enigmatic Doctor S

  1. Alyssa says:

    GORGEOUS! I love your color combinations!

  2. Anca says:

    Gorgeous! I love them

  3. babblepie says:

    Oh my god I need to get me this Sunburst… Just WOW!!! I need to find out where in the UK I can by it 🙂

  4. […] awesome accent nail-glitter-gradient thingy is the gorgeous Sunburst by Northern Star. Looks like it’s not available any more, but you can contact Northern Star […]

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