More Awards! Very Inspiring & One Lovely (times two!)

Hey ladies (and guy, I think there’s one of you out there that reads a post every now and then !)

I’m flabbergasted to report that I’ve been nominated for more awards ! That’s twice in one single week… I don’t know what to say!

My first posts on this blog were pretty awful now that I look back on them; but I didn’t expect anyone to read them. Now, I feel that I have learned so much from all of you, and it’s incredible to think that girls who write amazing blogs themselves might think that mine is good…

Plus, I still get an email at every like, follow and comment… I might have to tone down the alerts, because my phone is constantly buzzing. But every mail makes me so happy!

VeryInspiring  OneLovely1

So back on Wednesday, 9 to 5 nails nominated me for 3 awards : the Versatile, Very Inspiring and One Lovely Blog Awards. Since Wednesday, I’ve been so busy, but I’ve been thinking over who I would like to nominate next 🙂


Then, yesterday, Short and Sweet in Texas nominated me for another One Lovely Blog Award !

Thank you so much, ladies 🙂

I already have a Versatile, so I’ll skip that one, but the rules are the same for all 3 :

Thank the person who nominated you
Add the “Very Inspiring”/”One Lovely Blog Award” image to your post
Share 7 things about you
Pass the award on to seven nominees
Include this set of rules
Inform your nominees by posting a comment on their blogs


Here are my 7 facts

  1. When I’m not blogging, I love to knit. I also taught myself to crochet and needle felt
  2. I can not just sit and watch TV. It’s impossible. I have to paint my nails, knit, crochet, whatever. I guess I have a short attention span
  3. I don’t have a driving licence, I have never found the time; plus, I currently work in the centre of Paris, it would be impossible to drive to work
  4. I’m totally addicted to tea. I drink, like, between 5 and 15 cups a day, preferably Yorkshire tea when I have a stock!
  5. I have a paralysing fear of birds. So does my mum and my Grandma, so I guess it’s learned behaviour, but my brother & sisters are fine
  6. I’m a total book worm, especially for sci-fi – but I also love historical fiction, world fiction and I read loads of magasines too
  7. On the same note, I’m a comic book geek. When I was a teenager, I’d go into town with my friends and pick up old comics, but my favourite ever is 2000AD (a weekly anthology published in the UK)

And, for my nominees, I’m going to allow myself to nominate 5 and 5 – hope that’s okay 🙂

For the Very Inspiring Blogger Award

All in the Blush – beauty news in particular, but tutorials too – Katy’s blog is, well, inspiring!

Beauty Obsessed – LaToya’s blog is, well, about being Beauty Obsessed! I think a lot of us may be able to relate, haha!

Mommy Loves Nail Polish – Louise and Sabrina (Polish Alcoholic) ran a 14-day Pre-Spring Challenge that really helped me to connect with other nail/beauty bloggers, it was a huge turning point in my blogging, and I can’t possibly thank them enough

Polish Alcoholic – Sabrina is a huge inspiration. And I could look at her swatches all day, they are stunning

Short and Sweet in Texas – I totally look to her blog for inspiration, so that’s  a no-brainer…


For the One Lovely Blog Award (you can put one image or both, up to you!)

CuteBerry – Chelsea C puts so much work into her blog, which is just great ! At some point I am bound to give in and order all her polish line, too… I just know it

My Adventures in Nail Art – Says she’s a beginner. I don’t believe her. Great source of nail art ideas !

Travels with Mary  – Mary makes me feel bad for not doing more with my life. Great reading on the train!

Twenty Six Nails – Kay is on a blogging break right now, but I hope she comes back soon, I’ll miss her posts !

Two Lacquered Girls – okay, so they already have every award going, but they deserve it – so there !

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11 thoughts on “More Awards! Very Inspiring & One Lovely (times two!)

  1. Thank you so much for nominating me Brijit! =) Very much appreciated!

  2. shortandsweetintexas says:

    I’m the same when watching TV!

  3. You are so sweet Brijit ! Thank you so much! I am honored you would consider me and my blog when deciding Very Inspiring Blogger Award nominees 🙂

  4. […] from Brijit’s Designs nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award– thank you so much!!  The rules for the award are that I have to share 7 things about myself […]

  5. Kay says:

    Aww thank you Brijit! I’m so sorry I’m taking a break of the blogosphere for now, but I’m always eager to post new stuff up- it’s just time to take a break to focus on my school work for now. Thank you for nominating me! 😀 Appreciate it so much! 🙂

  6. Thanks for the nomination! I really appreciate it – and I truly am a beginner! This time last year I owned about 5 nail polishes and had never tried anything more adventurous than a French!

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