Lush Lacquer Swatches – Color Me Gray, Princess Poodle & Salt n Peppa

Karin and Lexi, the mother and daughter team behind Lush Lacquer very kindly said that I was welcome to share some swatches with you!

You can find their Etsy Store here, the polish prices are in line with other brands on that marketplace. They have a brand new line of Neon Glitter polishes that is well worth checking out. They have some crazy beautiful polishes, that ship within a few days of the order clearing.

Color Me Gray (being a Brit, I want to type “colour me grey”, haha!) is a translucent medium grey with red, teal, mustard and lavendar hex and a few specks of red, blue and (I think) silver thrown in. This was the first I tried and I  was a bit worried about the wide brush. I’m really awful at applying glitters, mostly due to a chronic lack of patience, and was worried that the larger glitter pieces would get stuck in the bristles. I shouldn’t have worried ! The only thing getting stuck anywhere is glitter getting stuck to my nails ! This is just one coat over Butter London‘s Billy No Mates (which happens to dry to the exact same shade, although Billy No Mates looks paler in the bottle) :

Lush Lacquer - Colour Me Gray (over Butter London Billy No Mates)

I’m sure that that one would look equally as amazing over black, too !



Princess Poodle is a mix of different sized pink and black hexes and bar glitter in a creamy white base. The Lush Lacquer Etsy site shows this one alone, but I wanted to try it with Essie‘s Need a Vacation (pictured)- the black glitter just punks it up enough to stop it being too girly 🙂 love it !

This is two easy coats, no dabbing or fishing. Not only do I love the brush, I have to say that I’m a fan of the bottle cap, too, it is matte, and relatively long, ever so slightly squared off towards the end. That really gives you great control over what you’re doing. I must admit, a couple of times, I have found brushes slipping around or flying out of my fingers, but these babies are just perfect!

Lush Lacquer - Princess Poodle (over Essie Need a Vacation)



Salt N Peppa is a lovely mix of black and white square, hex and bar matte glitter in a clear base. Here it is over Butter London Come to Bed Red. Although the glitter goes on so easy, one coat would have been enough, I just couldn’t help myself, and went for a second coat, too ! There is a sparkle of some kind of holographic glitter in there too, which is just stunning, and softens the early-White-Stripes look a little. As with the other polishes, the formula is just perfect. The glitter just glides out. It doesn’t seem to want to sink, which is incredible, given the size of some of the pieces, and that the formula is by no means gloopy or thick. There’s no sticking to the sides, and with two top coats, all of these are smooth to the touch.

Lush Lacquer - Salt N Peppa (over Butter London Come to Bed Red)


I love this last mani so much, I’ll be heartbroken when I have to take it off !



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Also; I promised a new giveaway at 100 followers. Well, since the giveaway, I have loads ! So this one will be ending Monday and then I’ll wait a couple of weeks before launching the new one !

Yeah dudes (actually, probably not dudes, now that I think about it), look at how many of you there are ! I can’t begin to tell you how flattered and chuffed I am

Followers 9-mars-13

Also, I was nominated for more awards recently! That is just incredible, I literally can’t believe that not only are there 115 people who are following my blog, but that I have been nominated for awards 6 times in the last month. I can’t  begin to tell you how flattered I am, guys. Now, I’m sure I have some follows who are only doing it for the giveaway and who don’t give a hoot about the rest of the blog. That’s fine, but actually, I look at every single follower’s blog, and most of you are in the beauty blogging business, so this is actually a great chance for me to find more blogs to follow ! Who’d a thought it 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Lush Lacquer Swatches – Color Me Gray, Princess Poodle & Salt n Peppa

  1. Princess Poodle looks like a pretty one for spring. Congrats on all those followers!

  2. […] my favourite pink right now is by Lush Lacquer – Princess Poodle ! It’s a mix of pink and black matte glitters, I love how it’s […]

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