Swatches & Ruffian Mani – O.P.I. Spiderman collection – Into the Night – Your Web or Mine ? – Just Spotted the Lizard – Number One Nemesis

Hi again !

I feel like I’m finally catching up with myself enough for a long post.

I went back to the UK at the beginning of the month, partly to see my family and partly to do some serious shopping! One of my favourite places to pick up nail polish is on the boat – we always go P&O Ferries, and they have a great little duty-free shop that always has great offers on cosmetics.

So I picked up a Spiderman mini-set by O.P.I. – though this one was also in the sales at Sephora – in France at least – on the boat it was less than £7 for 4 minis. It’s kind of hard to be sure which is which from the packaging, as the French and English translations don’t match up at all! So I checked online, and it seems we have :

  • Into the Night – a glittery gun-metal grey
  • Your Web or Mine ? – a warm, pearly pink
  • Just Spotted the Lizard – a green-gold metallic
  • Number One Nemesis – a dark blue metallic


This has been a real O.P.I. week! I’m now banning them from my nails for the rest of the month !

So, first of all Into the Night. This one is a real glitter bomb! It dries pretty quickly and only takes 2 coats, but the glitter goes everywhere when you remove it. I had sparkly fingers for days after.


Your Web or Mine? is really not the colour for me, I don’t do well with pearly polishes, and this one is pale pink to boot. The formula is okay though, but it can be a bit streaky, as you can see on my thumb.


Just Spotted the Lizard is a really nice metallic. I was worried that it was going to streak, but it sorted itself out as it dried. Two coats is all it took for opacity, but it dried very slowly for a metallic. Maybe that’s the trade-off to avoid streaks?


Number One Nemesis had exactly the same formula problems. These guys are fine to work with, but not astounding either.

In my great wisdom, I decided to put this over Just spotted the Lizard for a quick ruffian mani. Big mistake, Nemesis is just about the sheerest dark-blue in the world. It still looked kind of streaky at 2 coats, but I couldn’t stomach waiting for a third to dry!


For me, Spiderman is red, blue and black, so I’m a bit perplexed as to the lack of red in this mini-set. Still, the formulas are largely okay, and they’re good nail-art colours I guess.

In other news, when I was at home, my Mum decided to remind me that I have crooked fingers – do you think they look that bad? Ly ring finger is the worst…

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6 thoughts on “Swatches & Ruffian Mani – O.P.I. Spiderman collection – Into the Night – Your Web or Mine ? – Just Spotted the Lizard – Number One Nemesis

  1. Chris says:

    it’s a shame Into the Night is so sheer, it looks great over Just Spotted the Lizard. I don’t think your fingers look that bad, my pointer fingers curve inward! it’s just a quirk I guess 🙂

  2. iriel says:

    Love the ruffian!! I have to try that mani some day.

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