Swatch – O.P.I. – Did you ‘Ear about Van Gogh ?

A quick post for this morning and I’ll put up a better longer one this afternoon. I just worked out how to watermark, switched to a better camera and from the Window’s native photo editing software to Picasa, so although I’ve been quiet recently, it’s been for a good reason 🙂

Here is my third swatch from O.P.I.’s Holland Collection : Did you ‘Ear about Van Gogh ? Why not check out the swatches for I Don’t Give a Rotterdam and Thanks a Windmillion ?


I wasn’t so impressed by the putty-like colour in the bottle, but actually, this is one of the most flattering neutrals I have ever seen on my skin tone! Though my fingers are a bit more pink, the tone matches so nicely, that it really makes my fingers look long and elegant.

The formula on this one is an absolute dream, and I only did 2 coats for perfect opacity. Plus, this one doesn’t chip very easily at all, I only had slight tip-wear – and that was without top coat.


Now I might be crazy (I probably am, actually), but I love this neutrals with a few gold highlights, so I grabbed a nail art pen and had a scribble :


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4 thoughts on “Swatch – O.P.I. – Did you ‘Ear about Van Gogh ?

  1. feeraa says:

    I love the gold highlights, this looks so classy.

  2. […] base coat, on her middle finger, over OPI – Suzi takes the wheel, and on her index, over Did You ‘Ear About Van Gogh, a classic […]

  3. […] used O.P.I. – Did You Ear About Van Gogh? as the base colour. Then I freehanded (yes, you can call me Captain Obvious…) the red, black […]

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